Are You an RCE?

RCE Meeting Group Photo - 2019 Conference & Expo

Who is it for? The REALTOR® Association Certified Executive (RCE) is the only professional designation designed specifically for REALTOR® association executives. The RCE designation exemplifies goal-oriented association executives with drive, experience, and commitment to professional growth.

At their meeting at the Thursday at REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Francisco, the board continued amazing work on their goals:

Goal 1: To increase the number of RCE Candidates. There have been 872 RCE candidates since the program started in 1991 with 480+ becoming RCE designees. Meanwhile, 42 candidates have completed their application data forms to sit for an upcoming RCE exam. The Dec. 1 deadline is fast approaching for AEs to sit for the next exam. Is your name on the list?

Goal 2: To make sure that leaders in our industry understand the importance, benefits, and value for their AE and staff to obtain the RCE Designation. Leaders have the opportunity to learn more at the RCE Leadership Luncheon this Sunday. A total of 420 AEs and leaders are planning to attend.

RCE Vintage Pin

Goal 3: To maintain RCE policy and procedures.

Goal 4: To increase RCE online study tools for candidates. Some 80% of candidates recently purchased RCE flash cards online and reported that this really is a game changer.

Are you or your AE an RCE? Why not you? Why not now?