An Introvert’s Guide to 'Extroverting' at NAR Annual

Many people fall on an ever-shifting scale of being introverted and extroverted. Most introverts I know in real estate are excellent at pretending to be extroverted; they must be to do their jobs well. 

In a conference situation where you don't have to sell yourself in the traditional real estate sense to a buyer or seller, your introvert tendencies could take over. Don't let them. Those traits could cause you to miss out on a potential awesome connection, lucrative referral, or even a new friend. I speak from experience here.

What I've learned over the years is that everything in life is sales. When someone is positive, friendly, and outgoing, they are more likely to get better service, meet new people, gain helpful connections, and live a happier, healthier life. 

A few tips:

  1. Be positive 
    I know we can't be rays of sunshine all day every day, but if you want to attract connections, business, and more, start with a positive outlook. If you are struggling with this—create a list of things you are grateful for and consult the list whenever you need a boost. Rocking out to a favorite song can help, too.
  2. Make the first move
    Making the first move can be super hard. Give yourself a pep talk on the approach and tell your brain exactly what you want to do. My go-to is usually, "I am going to meet 5 new people today and have meaningful conversation with each one." You must get uncomfortable if you want to grow. 
  3. Find common ground
    Spoiler Alert: Your common ground with the 20,000+ people at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo is real estate! But you can do better than that: Attempt to connect beyond your day job.
  4. Offer help
    Yes, you can offer to help anyone they might know who is looking to move to your area, but everyone is doing that already. Put yourself out there. Maybe your next accountability partner, marketing mastermind friend, or travel buddy is standing right in front of you. Are they talking about redoing their real estate website? Considering coaching for the first time? Thinking about starting a team? Share insights from your experience or offer to connect them to an expert you know or resources you have. 

I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace your ‘inner extrovert' at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo! Go into each day with a positive mindset and be ready to receive all of the awesomeness that the universe wants to throw your way. We can "introvert" when we get home.