Consumers Not Sold on iBuyers

Thursday morning at the Residential Real Estate Council members' opening session, Marilyn Lund Wilson of the Wave Group kicked off the Mastermind Day by outlining consumer trends involving iBuyer influence. Though not much has changed in real estate website rankings during the past 12 months, consumer behavior has. She reported 38% of the consumers surveyed would consider using an iBuyer service as a solution to their needs. However, reasons consumers would not consider using an iBuyer solution ranged from "too low of an offer", to "seems too good to be true" with an overall low confidence influence. 

Wilson also shared updates on the HomeSnap app that include a partnership with Facebook Marketplace. Currently, the partnership is specific to rental properties and lead generation. HomeSnap is the face of the Broker Public Portal initiative, partnered with MLS organizations across the United States. Seen as an effort to offer brokers and agents a lead generation solution, HomeSnap's popularity is growing among both REALTORS® and consumers. Wilson pointed out that many agents look to their brokers for leads, and this app offers a cost effective solution to meet that demand.

Marilyn Lund Wilson of the Wave Group talks trends at the Residential Real Estate Council session.