RPAC Celebration on the USS Hornet

Thousands of our REALTOR® Major Investors and guests gathered for a very special event Saturday night marking RPAC’s 50th anniversary on the U.S.S. Hornet anchored in Alameda on San Francisco Bay.

It’s very fitting to be aboard this awesome aircraft carrier on Veteran’s Day Weekend 2019 to celebrate those who have served our nation in uniform including those who sailed on the Naval vessel that was recognized for retrieving a NASA Apollo Mission Command Modules.

Image of USS Hornet docked in San Francisco.

Such an impressive collection of Navy and U.S. military history afloat in her care. I especially enjoyed seeing the FM 2 Wildcat fighter plane. Such and amazing example of that historic aircraft. And what a great story of how she was rescued and restored for display on the Hornet! It was an honor to make this visit!

Happy Veterans Day! And... Happy 50th RPAC!
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