The Future is Us

First-Time attendee here to report on my first-ever NAR YPN Committee meeting. I chose this event because YPN is the future of our association. Our association ensures we can continue our jobs, our livelihoods. Participating on YPN Committees gives our younger REALTOR® members a platform—a platform to get our feet wet in gaining leadership experience, to experiment with what works and doesn’t work in today’s world, a platform to collaborate.

At the roundtables during the meeting, it was so nice to hear that YPNs across the country are embracing not just young REALTORS®, but also those who are "young in the business" and promoting well-established REALTORS® to be mentors. At the end of the day, we, collectively, must acknowledge that how a REALTOR® represents themselves to the consumer demonstrates our knowledge of the industry. And it helps keep REALTORS® relevant and needed in society. 

Many YPN committees are acknowledging the diversity in our membership through our YPN events. Examples of events have included brunch-and-learns on topics like marijuana, how to prepare your business for the tax structure, tours of revitalized buildings, and social hours in collaboration with YPNs from other nearby associations. These events are held at different times of the days, keeping in mind that some REALTORS® have younger families and sometimes can’t go to happy hours. YPN.Realtor is a great resource for information on what kind of events your local YPN can be have, great content suggestions for learning opportunities, and technology tools to help us stay relevant with the modern consumer. 

For some people, YPN members serve as a support system for you when you feel like you need help in building your business. All of this is to say, YPN has helped me gain experience to become a more effective leader, preparing me for leadership in other committees, and giving me a voice in helping to shape the future of our profession. I highly recommend this meeting if you are young in the industry; it alone is a reason to attend these conferences.

YPN Roundtable