Women’s Council: Igniting Passion for Your Leadership Path

Women’s Council: Igniting Passion for Your Leadership Path

Nov 8, 2019

Women's Council of REALTORS® leaders from all over the United States filled the lobby well before 7:30am to guarantee a seat to hear speaker (and featured attendee) Leigh Brown. And I can understand why. You just can't go wrong when Leigh Brown gets on stage. She is guaranteed to get more than a few laughs. Today's opener included a tip that only she could share: "Wear pantyhose when showing houses so if fleas jump on your legs, you can wipe them off." I guess they aren't just for staying warm, although Leigh wished she'd worn a pair today in chilly San Francisco.

On a more serious note, Leigh Brown is more than entertaining. She makes you think. Leigh asked those in the room, "Have you taken the time to think about who you are as a leader? What do you remember about how leadership was communicated to you? Good leadership begins with quality communication. If you think about your leadership experience, was communication effective? Was the communication broken?" Based on your personality and where you are in your space and what you've been told, communication can make or break you, she says. Poor communication can change your thinking for better or worse. It can also make or break an organization.

She goes on to ask, "What does Women's Council mean to you"?

My answer to that question is that Women's Council is a place to network with leaders from all over the United States, a place to learn leadership skills for running a committee, a local board or a state board. If it weren't for Women's Council, I would not have graduated from the NAR Leadership Academy on November 6, 2019.

A few more takeaways from the opening session:

  1. Communicate in a productive way.
  2. Answer the question: Why are you in the room today?
  3. Why did you invest your time to be in the space with other leaders?
  4. Are you an okay person for someone to talk to?
  5. Learn to listen.

If you are seeking a leadership position, get involved in Women's Council. You'll learn what it takes to be a leader who communicates well.